Software Development

In ProSoftLab we know how to build and develop solutions allowing our customers to gain business value.

We are focused on close cooperation with our customers at every stage of software development lifecycle. Through high level of software development processes automation, we react quickly to customers’ needs.

Apart from bespoke software development, we offer system integration and third party application maintenance. Based on our knowledge and experience, we have defined a dedicated framework of software system handover.

Competence Center Development

ProSoftLab is experienced in developing dedicated teams with competences desired by our customers.

Besides popular technologies such as Java or .NET, our Competence Centers deliver services in COBOL or RPG. We have capability to build and develop teams having unique knowledge of particular systems and business areas.

Our experience in competence development is proven by our customers who build long-term business relationship with us. Such cooperation assures qualified IT competences ready to create business value for their organisation.

24/7 Global IT Support

ProSoftLab provides IT infrastructure and system support services. We work in 24/7 mode offering our services globally.

We support our customers’ strategic IT areas, which require over 95% availability.

Based on our experiences we defined a dedicated methodology of system maintenance handover.

Fintech Solutions

ProSoftLab delivers solutions and services for financial industry. Our Universal Payment Gateway and Customer Information System support key business processes in payments and customer identification file.

Universal Payment Gateway

UPG is a new generation payments hub solution. It was awarded in 2014 by Gazeta Bankowa as System of the Year.

The system centralises and optimizes processing, consolidation and reconciliation of domestic and international payments. Universal Payment Gateway has been developed in modern, but stable solutions and technologies.

System architecture allows high level of efficiency and scalability. Its flexibility simplifies the system integration and helps to minimize the T2M for any change in payments and settlements area.

Customer Information System

CIS is a centralised solution that collects and aggregates customer data from different systems and channels.

Its functionality simplifies the CIF central management. It supports processes related to GDPR, authorisation of personal data processing, marketing data, customer deduplication.

CIS allows its user to manage different ‘system views’ of the customer data, keeping the unified and online central customer record.